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This shadow box comes to life!

Updated: Jun 21, 2023

Shadow boxes are just about my favorite thing to make; you can really do anything. This was a graduation gift for a huge Donnie Darko fan.

I started with a 12" x 12" frame, and a basic idea. 20 layers of cardstock later, it began to come together. I alternated between colored cardstock and glitter cardstock, because I really wanted it to stand out in natural light.

Movie spoilers below!

Donnie Darko Shadow Box
Donnie in natural light

I used an RGB light strip and careful placement of spacing to get the look I really wanted... those who have seen the movie know the importance of the bunny (Frank) and how he gets into Donnie's head via the portal. I wanted to give the impression of a portal with Frank on the other end. I thought it looked good, until I turned on the LED strip...

Oh. My. Goodness. This shadow box leapt to life! The depth is incredible and it's completely different with the overhead lights out.

I love the finished product!

What do you think? Suggestions for other themed shadow boxes? Give me a shout!

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